“My portraits are a lot more about me than they are about the people I photograph.”
Richard Avedon.
“In portrait photography you can not strip the surface to see the real nature of a person. The surface is all you’ve got. You work with what’s there – what’s waiting to be discovered.”
Richard Avedon in “Avedon at work. In the American West by Laura Wilson “.
“I am going to find what is permanent in this face. Truth comes with fatigue. He displays himself just as he is, just as he did not want to look.”
Irving Penn.

I feed myself photography. I eat pixels, since I photograph digitally.
And in the street photography, the portraits attract me a lot.

1 Auxiliar Igreja São Francisco. Finobacci Spiral. SJ del Rei. Set15-01.jpeg
One of the most kind and caring people in the world. Helper in the Church of St. Francis, São João del Rey, MG-Brazil. 2017.

I fully agree with the statements of the above phrases selected from two of the greatest masters of portraits. The portraits we do say much more about ourselves than about who we photograph.

I feel that the pictures I make tell about what I feel about the human condition on the face of this planet. And, each one, carries with its pecularity. They mimic, for me, a lot of my feelings for the person portrayed, their day-to-day activities, their life in the city and the street where they live, for example.

2 Rio Piracicaba Trip (33) 23_26Out18-1
Mr. José Quintino (75 ys old). Quilombola at the Caxambu District. Rio Piracicaba county-MG, Brazil. Oct2018.
3 Rio Piracicaba Trip (34) 23_26Out18-1
Mr. Geraldo (77 yrs old) and José Quintino (brothers). Quilombolas at the Caxambu District. Rio Piracicaba county-MG, Brazil. Oct2018.
4 Rio Piracicaba Trip (40) 23_26Out18-1
Mrs. Neusa Fernandes da Silva (75 ys old). Quilombola at the Caxambu District. Rio Piracicaba county-MG, Brazil. Oct2018.

The portraits I share in this post depict, reflect the great experiences and some life lessons I received from the people I photographed.

My portrait photographs are environmental, I mean, made with natural light, the one that exists in each case and in each place. It is, therefore, off of studios between four walls or in portable studios that are transported to the places where the photographs are made. They are really street portraits, hence the name of environmental portraits, even though it recognizes that in them, it is not possible to identify, in the background, elements that contextualize where these people were, or what they were doing.

5 Loius Cell Phone
The well-known street photographer, Mr. Louis Mendes, photographed with my smart phone in Manhatan. May2017.
6 Man from TOGO Manhatan NYC 11_19May17 (1 de 1)
A kind man from Togo photographed in Manhatan NYC. May2017.
9 Homem no Harlem (2) Maio17 (1 de 1)
This photo: a friendly meeting with this man in Harlem’s street, NYC. May2017. The spontaneity of his face, his natural expression reflect the confidence we both had in each other.

In each case, a story pervades each of these portraits.
In almost all cases they are random, occasional, unexpected encounters in which the photo shoots had a high level of tension because they were the first encounter with people hitherto unknown.

But in all cases the photography session was consented, authorized, and a high level of cooperation of the people photographed were achieved. Since I have had some very successful experience of contacting people, the sessions of these photos – in which many of them lasted only a few minutes – became pleasant experiences for both the photographer and the people portrayed.

7 Cantor da Cia Santo Reis Glória Jan2017 Ps BnW
A gentle man, though with a closed countenance. São João Batista do Glória, MG-Brasil. 2016.
8 Minoru Massuda Sampa 19Out18
Street portrait at São Paulo street. 2018.
12 Praia Rio de Janeiro Fev18
Beach portrait with a smart phone. Rio. 2017.
13 Usina Ipiranga (14) 06Abr2018-1
Sugar cane fileds’ worker. Descalvado, SP-Brazil.
14 Usina Ipiranga (24) 06Abr2018-1
Sugar cane fileds’ worker. Descalvado, SP-Brazil.
15 Fotógrafa-modelo em Ação. Estação Cultura. Campinas. PS. 18Jun16
A photographer in action. Campinas, SP-Brazil. 2016.

I hope you like these portraits.

16 Beard John SJ de Rei 2018
Bearded John. São João del Rei, MG-Brazil. 2018.

Antonio MOZeto


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