Life is ephemeral

A poem by Mário Quintana (Brazilian poet; 1906-1994).

“Suddenly everything is getting so simple that it scares …
We are losing our needs, reducing our baggage …
The opinion of others, are really of others, and even if they are about us, it does not matter …
Let’s give up the certainties, because we are not sure of anything …
And, that does not make any difference …
We stop judging, because there is no right or wrong, but the life that each one has chosen to experience …
Finally we understand that all that matters is to have peace and quiet, to live without fear, to do what makes the heart happy at that moment …
And only that!”
by Mário Quintana.

Life is ephemeral
Life is ephemeral.


Life is ephemeral 2
Life is ephemeral.

Mario Quintana Poesia

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