Seeing beauty in the ordinary and mundane (featured image: edward weston – toilet, 1951)

“Photography suits the temper of this age – of active bodies and minds. It is a perfect medium for one whose mind is teeming with ideas, imagery, for a prolific worker who would be slowed down by painting or sculpting, for one who quickly and decisively acts decisively, accurately. “- Edward Weston
“Photography is great if you want to make art, instantly. To be decisive, without the delays of painting “- Eric kim

Edward Weston’s phrase, pinched beforehand, ‘represents an unique way of seeing photography as a genuine form of art expression‘ that is nowadays produced (almost) instantly.

This even more so if we consider the age of digital imaging we are living. And, this is even more true if we consider the stupendous speed that photographic equipment is enhanced, including post-imaging systems on a computer or a smartphone or tablet. We live in a world that provides us with ultra-fast forms of generation and post-processing of images.

collage beauty in the mundane1

collage beauty in the mundane2

There are no excuses, therefore, for not generating images anywhere, under (almost) any light conditions, with any photographic equipment, etc. The photographic equipment I refer to is represented by smartphones that already have triple cameras, or more … There is even a patent registered by LG of a smartphone with 16 rear cameras !!!

collage beauty in the mundane3

beauty in the mundane4
Have you ever lived an impossible love?

Of course, I do not advocate here the notion of making any photograph of the ordinary or mundane. The extensive work of Edward Weston proves that one must be very careful. But each of us, every photographer, is free to create his art.

It is said very well that in photography there is no right and wrong. This is quite true. The photograph of each one of us should be the one that gives us pleasure. The one that makes us happy. This is tantamount to saying that the photograph that we make ourselves must be made for ourselves, first of all.

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