Rust: Death and Life

Dear Friends:

This is another zine of a series of publications that I have done in this genre in order to
publicize my work in photography.
This time, it is a collection of 12 color photographs made in Paranapiacaba, SP-Brazil
during on the occasion of the city’s photography festival held on September 15 and 16,
This zine deals with photos of old train cars parked on a stretch of long-standing railway
The title refers to a feeling that struck me during the photo sessions on the resurgence
of life from ‘death’. Corrosion, ruthless, destroys, “kills” these machines of steel, and from
corrosion, rust, life arises in the form of small plants that grow and flourish abundantly
from the almost complete dissolution of these pieces. It is a ‘real laboratory of studies on
the electrochemistry of corrosion’, a fundamental discipline for undergraduate and
graduate students in Chemistry.

1 Ferrugem e flores Ppiacaba Nikon (3) 16Set18-12 Ferrugem Ppiacaba Nikon (18) 16Set18-13 Ferrugem e flores Ppiacaba Nikon (10) 16Set18-14 Ferrugem Ppiacaba Nikon (13) 16Set18-15 Corrosão (6) Ppiacaba Nikon 16Set18-16 Corrosão (7) Ppiacaba Nikon 16Set18-17 Ferrugem e flores Ppiacaba Nikon (9) 16Set18-18 Corrosão (9) Ppiacaba Nikon 16Set18-19 Ferrugem Ppiacaba Nikon (8) 16Set18-110 Paranapiacaba Life from Rust 18Set1811 Ferrugem e flores Ppiacaba Nikon (7) 16Set18-112 Ferrugem Ppiacaba Nikon (6) 16Set18-1

In summary, the above-mentioned feeling has to do with the fact that the atmospheric
oxygen we breathe and keeps us alive (21% of oxygen in the atmosphere), is that same
oxygen that, destroying (‘killing’) these machines and wagons through corrosion,
generates nutrients for the development of various life forms on these decomposing
materials. It´s death that creates life.

I hope you like the photographs and the story behind this zine.

Antonio MOZeto

— moZZine—

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    1. Putzzs Marcos… vamu tentando fazer algo diferente… só q essas mídias são duras de aprender… esse site da WordPress é bem melhor…porisso optei por ele… mas, brigadão…


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