The quest for the cure of inertia in photography

This is about “how was my day on 18Jan2018”.

*** Fuels were much cheaper and this man was preparing to cross Av São Carlos exactly at 09:59 … I had a cup of a nice coffee at Dona Julia’s coffee…
*** I loaded my car with gas exactly at 10:16 …

*** In my home town…

Upset at not knowing what to photograph? Cannot get motivated to shoot your own city?
Get out of this doldrums and feet on the street !!!
Practice cures inertia !!!


“All things must past,” as old Beattle, George Harrison, has already said, who has already ‘traveled the other way’ as the wise Rolando Boldrin says.

And old Beattle’s song says,
…. ‘sunrise does not last all morning’ ….
…. ‘a cloudburst does not last all day’ ….
and times go by … life goes by …

To think about:
“What shall we use to fill the empty spaces?
Where the waves of hunger roar?
Shall we set out across this sea of faces
In search of more and more applause?
Shall we buy a new guitar?
Shall we drive a more powerful car? ”

of “Empty Spaces” by Roger Waters

Seeing beauty in the ordinary and mundane (featured image: edward weston – toilet, 1951)

“Photography suits the temper of this age – of active bodies and minds. It is a perfect medium for one whose mind is teeming with ideas, imagery, for a prolific worker who would be slowed down by painting or sculpting, for one who quickly and decisively acts decisively, accurately. “- Edward Weston
“Photography is great if you want to make art, instantly. To be decisive, without the delays of painting “- Eric kim

Edward Weston’s phrase, pinched beforehand, ‘represents an unique way of seeing photography as a genuine form of art expression‘ that is nowadays produced (almost) instantly.Continue reading “Seeing beauty in the ordinary and mundane (featured image: edward weston – toilet, 1951)”

“The camera sees more than the eye, so why not make use of it?” – Edward Weston

“The camera sees more than the eye, so why not make use of it?” – Edward Weston

“The fun thing about photography— augmenting our vision and reality” – Eric Kim

Wise words from Weston and Kim.
Thinking seriously about them, I reviewed these three photographs I made a long time ago.Continue reading ““The camera sees more than the eye, so why not make use of it?” – Edward Weston”

Rural workers

“I give respect to the unimportant things and unimportant beings. I appreciate bugs more than planes.
I value the speed of the turtles more than the speed of the missiles.
I have this delay of birth in me. I was equipped to be like birds.
I have plenty to be happy about it. My backyard is greater than the world.”
(poem called ‘Respect’ by Manoel de Barros)

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Paranapiacaba Noir. Noir c’est noir !

Hello, Dear Friends.

This is my first post of my blog. And, I decided this to be my first photozine called “Paranapiacaba Noir”. This PhotoZine inaugurates a series of publications in this format (thematic and digital PhotoZines) that aims to promote my work in photography. My photozine is called moZZine.Continue reading “Paranapiacaba Noir. Noir c’est noir !”


“My portraits are a lot more about me than they are about the people I photograph.”
Richard Avedon.
“In portrait photography you can not strip the surface to see the real nature of a person. The surface is all you’ve got. You work with what’s there – what’s waiting to be discovered.”
Richard Avedon in “Avedon at work. In the American West by Laura Wilson “.
“I am going to find what is permanent in this face. Truth comes with fatigue. He displays himself just as he is, just as he did not want to look.”
Irving Penn.

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