‘Time and Patience’ (José Saramago)

“If anyone asks me what time is, I immediately declare my ignorance: I do not know. I hear the beating of the pendulum clock right now, and the answer seems to be there. And if the mirror shows me that I am not who I was a year ago, it will not tell me what the time is. Just what time does.” (José Saramago)Continue reading “‘Time and Patience’ (José Saramago)”

Aesthetics and other aspects of black & white photography

One thought and one question: do we create an aesthetic in photography and then become a hostage of it?Continue reading “Aesthetics and other aspects of black & white photography”

True and perceived geometry in photography

The dynamism and much of the ability to catch the attention of the observer to photographs generally depends heavily on true and perceived geometric elements of the photographs.Continue reading “True and perceived geometry in photography”

Vibrant colors & neo-expressionist shapes of Mimmo Paladino’s paintings

After I found the paintings of Domenico (Mimmo) Palatino I confess that I began to rethink my color photography.Continue reading “Vibrant colors & neo-expressionist shapes of Mimmo Paladino’s paintings”

Monochromatic still life

I think photography in the comfort zone of each of us is very little challenging and, more importantly, it contributes to the decrease and possibly almost the total loss of our “creative productivity.”Continue reading “Monochromatic still life”

Contrasting colors & textures of my town

Textures and colors are everywhere. Photograph them on the streets, in your backyard. I see them always conveying emotion. NOTA: segue texto em português ao final do post.Continue reading “Contrasting colors & textures of my town”