The dreams

“I’m nothing.
I will never be anything.
I can’t wanna be nothing.
Apart from that, I have in me all the dreams of the world.”

From the poem ‘Tabacaria’ by Álvaro de Campos, in “Poems” (heteronymous by Fernando Pessoa). Read More

Love Inscriptions

Oh the love! With so many ways to be expressed.
In Brazil – and I believe in other countries too – there is, as a tradition, to record it through inscriptions or engravings made (with some sharp object) on tree trunks. They usually record names or initials of the couple, which is usually also surrounded by a heart, and sometimes the date of registration. Read More

What is going further in photography?

This is a question that is always in my head, in my mind.
If I have to answer this question quickly, I would say: “To go beyond photography is to be (to try to be)” a Josef Koudelka “in my life here on earth.”
Just to say something about this great photographer’s magnificent photography: I am struck by his ability to make use of empty spaces in his frames. But there is so much more to say about Koudelka’s photography, and I may not be the best person to say. I leave this to other great masters!


Credit your creative artistic evolution

For me there is no separation between photography and life. Both go hand in hand. Parodying the great Brazilian poet Ferreira Gullar (“art exists because life is not enough”) I would say that “photography exists because life is not enough”.

Even on days when you don’t feel so inspired photography can enhance your day. Just before you open your camera’s diaphragm, open your head, your mind. Pleasant surprises always come to you.

Photographs: tree trunks of cut trees on the University of São Paulo campus at São Carlos (SP Brasil; the city where I live). These were very old trees that the university administration decided to cut them down to avoid risk to people.

These shots were made with my little Lumix LX100II using the dynamic monochrome setting. Shots were post processed.